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Classic Minesweeper App, such as known from the Windows operating system.

In this Minesweeper App, the user can choose between the difficulty levels Easy (9 x 9 fields, 10 mines), Advanced (16 x 16 fields, 40 mines) and Hard (30 x 16 fields, 99 mines). In addition, the user has the option to set the number of fields and mines individually. The player's goal is to identify all the fields with mines without clicking on them.

A short (normal) click on a field opens it and shows what is underneath. A long click marks the field with a flag if the user thinks there is a mine under it. A second long click marks the field with a question mark if the user is not sure. Please make sure that you click on the field long enough, otherwise the Android operating system might classify it as a short click, which will cause the game to be lost.

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